Starbucks French Roast Ground - 40 oz


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Starbucks Dark French Roast Ground Coffee (40 oz.)

  • Starbucks Dark French Roast Coffee
  • Intense and smoky
  • 100% Arabica
  • Ground coffee
  • Brews quickly

Starbucks Dark French Roast Ground Coffee (40 oz.) is a delicious, aromatic blend that is made for coffee-lovers everywhere. Its rich taste offers a light body and low acidity, which is what makes it a great coffee to start every morning thanks to its intense and smoky flavor.

What's The Best Way to Store Starbucks Dark French Roast Ground Coffee?

Ground coffee is considered a perishable item, which means you need to take care when storing it. Once you've opened your bag of Starbucks French Roast you should immediately transfer it to an airtight container to prolong its shelf life for as long as possible. No need to refrigerate it, just keep it at room temperature and away from bright natural light.

How Do I Brew Starbucks Dark French Roast Ground Coffee?

Brewing Starbucks coffee is simple and the instructions are printed directly on the bag for easy reference. The simple answer is that you should brew two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six fluid ounces of water. This should result in the ideal blend and a coffee that strikes the perfect balance of flavors. If you prefer a darker, stronger brew you can add more coffee per pot. Alternatively, for a milder cup of coffee use fewer grounds or add more water.