FAQ: Shopping At Cheapies

Purchasing from Cheapies.

Buying from Cheapies 

Why Are Your Prices So Cheap?

As a discount store and grocery outlet we sell shelf pulls, discontinued product and private labeled or off-brand goods. While a portion of our inventory comes from shelf pulls, quite a bit comes from traditional distribution centers. Some of suppliers specialize in private label goods. Many of these goods come from the same canneries as many national brands.

Do You Sell Expired Food?

The concept of “expired food” is a quite misleading and has caused a lot of confusion with consumers. As a result, Americans waste a tremendous amount of food in part due to food dating practices. We wrote a post about why you should buy expired food. Here at Cheapies, we do sell post-dated food along with short-dated and long-dated food. Purchasing post-dated food is a great idea to save a lot of money and is also environmentally friendly.

What Do Product Dates Really Mean?

Most people don’t realize that the dates found on products are at the sole discretion of the manufacturer. The only product required to have dating is baby formula. Many consumers think that food dating has to do with safety, which is not the case.

Except for infant formula product dating is not generally required by Federal regulations. – FDA Website

Here is a quick description of what the dating actually mean:

Sell By: This date is primary intended for the grocery store and suggest when they should rotate the product. For example, bread reps will use this date along with color coated tabs to determine when the bread needs to be rotated off the shelf. Nothing to do with safety.
Best By: This date should be called the “Peak Quality Date” and is only a guarantees the quality by a certain date.
Use By: This is identical to the Best-By date.
Just because a product goes past its suggested date, does not mean the food magically spoils.

Does Cheapies Offer a Return Policy?

When you shop at Cheapies we want you to shop with confidence. We offer a 14 day total satisfaction policy for store credit. If, for what every reason you are not happy with your purchase, we encourage you to bring it back for a full in-store refund.