Double Reward Points During January! Earn Points Faster & Up to 30% Off!

At Cheapies, we are proud to offer the best rewards program of any grocery store or outlet store in all of Colorado, maybe even the world. Customers who frequently shop at Cheapies can earn up to 30% off purchases throughout the year.

It is tough to make one of the world’s best reward programs even better, but we have done it!

During the month of January, all point will be DOUBLED! That’s right. For every dollar you spend, reward members will earn 2 points!

How Does Cheapies’ Loyalty Program Work?
The program is free to join and every new rewards member receives 100 points just for signing up. Every dollar spent in the store counts as 1 point. Points are good for discounts on your entire purchase and they never expire. Here are the discount tiers:

100 points = 10 % off
200 points = 20% off
300 points = 30% off

As Colorado Springs’ largest discount grocery store, we offer exceptionally low prices on canned food, pantry goods and fresh produce. Many customers who redeem 300 points (30% off ) will save well over $100 per purchase.

As an added bonus, reward members do not need a receipt for returns and can have their receipts emailed to them after each purchase. If you’re not a member just click on the link: Cheapies Reward’s Program

When Are Points Added to Your Account?
Earned points during the month of January will be uploaded to your account on a weekly basis. Bonus points earned during the month of January will be awarded on February 1, 2017.

As always, we appreciate your support and ongoing business.

– David & Michele